Sunday, July 24, 2016

CHEMO Part 2

Okay, here we are back at Penrose Hospital for the promised second half of the Chemo saga.

Patients - the Good, (there are no Bad), and the Interesting.

Here are just a few of the courageous people I have shared a session with.

The Sports Writer - On permanent maintenance (every month for like forever). Cool guy, good attitude, no hair.

Lamenting Lady - Overheard talking on the phone. Has already run through her life savings and yet can laugh about it. Chemo is crazy expensive. Sweet lady.

Super Lamenting Guy- Cannot hold down food. Is at his wits end. Unfortunately, this is a common story in the ward. Chemo can make you nauseous. You're just not hungry. Still, he keeps coming back. Folks can be so brave.

The Staff - Angels all

These ladies started me off by telling me they have saved far more patients then they have lost to cancer. I didn't know it at the time but I needed to hear that.

Angel 1 - We have a friendly (and sometimes not so friendly) feud going. I took a tutorial on how to disconnect the take-home device and, if I say so myself, am good at it. She gave me hell when she learned that another staff member taught me this arcane skill - wanted to know the name of the offending nurse. I refused to give it. I also told her "you're wrong" when she gave me the process for turning off the delivery device. I wish I hadn't done that.

Doctor - Cool guy, soft spoken. Love him.

Advisors, receptionists, schedulers - Sooooo nice to me. I'm pretty sure it's just me because I am such a cool fellow.

Side Effects of Chemo

First of all, I came home from the hospital on my first day with literature outlining about 50 side effects. Thankfully, I have not experienced most of these. Here are few I did.

Cold Sensitivity - A common one. I cannot, during my home delivery 46 hours, and for several days after, touch even moderately cold things. They burn my fingertips. Of course, I experimented with this weirdie. Touched a buttload of stuff in my refrigerator and freezer. Sure enough, got burned.

Hair loss - Being already somewhat bald, I had little to lose. I still have most of my now white hair but I have noticed more hair than usual in my towel after a shower. Oh well.

Nausea - I get this and am treating it with traditional and non-tradition means. Wink Wink.

Feeling Weak and Puny - This one I get a lot. Remedies - exercise as much as I can and then nap.

There  are a few others: headache, backache, and the jitters. But you know what? I still think I'm a pretty luck guy. I have the best wife and some very killer friends.

I'm doing okay. 


  1. Glad you're doing okay. You DO have a bestie wife, who is one strong woman--and you are one strong man. Hang in there, Bob!

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