Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Choosy Bookworm

Dear Friends, if you are a member of Choosy Bookworn, (actually even if you aren't a member of Choosy Bookworm) Napier's Bones is featured for free to folks who are willing to provide an honest review when they finished reading.

I am hoping to procure at least 50 reviews because I want to convince Bookbub and Amazon to feature Napier's Bones more advantageously. The idea is to get folks to notice what I consider the best Bonnie Pinkwater mystery I have ever written.

Soooooooooo, if you are a member or if you know someone who is a member, please give a look see at the Choosy Bookworm site and get yourself a free book.  

Have a wonderful day!!!


  1. I have a crush on Bonnie Pinkwater. My power of affection for this mathematics master

    teacher with an inspired mind for solving complex mysteries in the East Plains, Colorado,

    reached far above America's Pikes Peak evening shadow, yes, I am all but in love with

    Pinkwater. Her investigative actions in Napier's Bones, the fifth mystery sleuthing told by

    author Robert Spiller, were so highly motivated and complex that I fell into a one pause

    reading. My moment to sit back, consider all the information Bonnie uncovered at a time

    when I could tell she had a good hunch, and see if I could put the bad one in jail. A bit I

    did put it together but then Bonnie Pinkwater pulled out the little smoking gun I had

    tripped over. Gotta "LOVE" this one, Thanks, Bob!

    1. Why thank you Bill. I have to admit to a crush of my own for Bonnie.